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In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss



To mark the release of "And Yet...", here's Christopher Hitchens talking to Little Atoms in 2007 about Richard Dawkins, religion, blasphemy, Marxism and terror

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Free tickets for the stunning documentary Ten Billion


The great Marxist thinker on the left's response to terrorism


Join Archway With Words and Little Atoms for an evening with Jake Arnott, bestselling author of The Long Firm and The House of Rumour

We're gearing up to get our very first print edition to the presses. In the meantime, feast yourself on this week's Little Atoms

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The paranoia of Corbyn, Trump and Farage, Labour’s new priorities, why a street in Liverpool will win the Turner prize and our tenth-anniversary podcast

How did Republican frontrunner Donald Trump greet the new leader of the British Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn?