Little Atoms

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss


Film & Music

A new film reveals that since 2011, £45 million has been spent on new programmes with “a military ethos” in schools

Punching David Cameron, Islam in Naples, why life is the way it is and rare video of the first Bloomsday

Magna Carta, Jesse Armstrong, Turkey, album gigs, work, blood relatives and yogurt

Kidneys, Kazakhstan, Hizb ut-Tahrir and why we need a new Magna Carta

Events, dear boy, eco-feminism, Hezbollah, and George Orwell. Where else would you get it but Little Atoms?


A day of history, politics, art, poetry and music for just £5

Eurovision history, marriage equality, an ode to Balustrade Lanyard, hemp pizza, a personal insight into dementia and half-price tickets for a fascinating new theatre production


As the new government gets to work, we focused on the questions facing Britain. Plus, our weekly podcast and a new play

Our election special featuring Zoe Williams on new politics and a pop-up dog restaurant in East London (for when you inevitably reach peak election).

This week we looked at the workers of the world unitng round the corner from our office, what Nigeria's recent peacful election means for democracy in Africa, how internet speak is changing language, why Swiss authorities arrested a bot. We also chatted to two great science writers in our Wellcome Book Prize special.