Dylan Evans is an academic, philosopher and journalist. He has written several popular science books, was named by the Independent as one of the 20 best young writers in Britain, and was once described by The Times as “the sort of polymath who makes you wonder what you’ve been doing with your brain.” He currently lives in Guatemala. Dylan is the author of The Utopia Experiment.

Andrew Mueller is a Contributing Editor at Monocle, and broadcasts regularly on its radio arm, Monocle 24. He also writes for The Guardian, Uncut, New Humanist and Bluffers, among other titles, and has reported from more than 80 countries. He is previously the author of "Rock & Hard Places" and "I Wouldn't Start From Here", and was partially responsible - in cahoots with Luke Haines and Cathal Coughlan - for the acclaimed 2012 musical historiography "The North Sea Scrolls". His country band, The Blazing Zoos, will release their second album in 2015. His latest book is a memoir, It’s Too Late to Die Young Now: Misadventures in Rock ‘N’ Roll.