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Little Atoms round-up (the curiosities edition)

We spoke to psychogeographer Ian Sinclair, meet a "pro-Palestinian" Orthodox Jewish sect, explored the ethics of artificial intelligence and broke down the latest updates from the Grexit crisis. Oh, and a Samuel Beckett cop show

Artificial intelligence: all too human?

It's not the robots we have to worry about. It's ourselves.

'The Holocaust came as a punishment from God because of our sins'

Little Atoms meets the "pro-Palestinian" Orthodox Jewish sect Neturei Karta

Podcast: Iain Sinclair

Neil Denny spoke to Iain Sinclair about his two new books, London Overground: A Day’s Walk around the Ginger Line and Black Apples of Gower.

Greece: where are we now?

The banks have reopened, but the Greek bailout numbers may not add up

Watch: Samuel Beckett as the gritty 1970s detective we always knew he was

This cop waits for no one

Also - Here’s a picture of Gérard Depardieu with the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

Because it’s Friday and Uber Icecream isn’t working. And because why not?

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In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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