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Poem: Corbyn Refuses To Go

The writer Sophie Hannah has composed a poem expressing her frustration with the current state of the Labour party. It's called Corbyn Refuses To Go


It’s the year 2147.

Cancer’s cured & we’ve privatized snow

And a robot’s your neighbour

Yet still, same old Labour

For Corbyn refuses to go.


‘Look, this meeting may take three more hours,’

Said McCluskey, long light years ago,

Then four million times since.

They all weep, they all wince,

But still, Corbyn refuses to go.


‘Wait, I’ve got a suggestion,’ says Burnham

‘Shall we aimlessly drift to and fro?

Like, dissolve, reconvene?

Let’s not rush! Don’t be mean!’

Meanwhile, Corbyn refuses to go.


Here’s a thing you can do: put your feet up.

Wait till one sprouts an unplanned sixth toe

And the other turns green –

All you’ll miss, in between,

Is more Corbyn refusing to go.


‘Nothing lasts. All things change,’ said wise Buddha.

‘Boris, Dave, Leadsom, Gove – life must flow,

Reinvent itself hourly.’

Nope. Stubborn and scowly,

J Corbyn refuses to go.


Safe to say Sophie is not a member of Momentum. For more of her brilliant work, go to

Reproduced with permission of the author



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