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Soho's best pub has best response to refugee crisis

The Coach and Horses in Soho is one of London's most famous pubs, renowned for its singalongs round the piano, and home for many years of Private Eye magazine's famous lunches. It has also been the backdrop for notable literary endeavours such as the play Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell (based on the critic who spent most of his time there) and You're Barred, You Bastards, the biography of famously grumpy pub landlord Norman Balon.

Now the famous boozy landmark, under new (well, nine years in) landlord Alastair Choat, has taken hospitatility to new levels, raising nearly £10,000 at time of writing to provide food and provisions for refugees and migrants stuck at Calais, hoping for a better life.

The Coach explains on its Justgiving page:

"We are a Great British pub, we are there for people whatever their situation or background. We provide good food,good drinks,good company and good times. We believe that British values don't belong to Romcoms or the Conservatives – they are for people and we can show them best."

To which we can only say: "Cheers!".

Picture: Michael Goldfarb


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