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Support Resonance FM's fundraising week

Resonance is an essential part of the cultural landscape – Jonathan Meades

An appeal on behalf of our friends at Resonance 104.4FM

Late in 2015 the Little Atoms Radio Show, of which I’m a founder member and a current presenter, celebrated both its 10th anniversary and its 400th episode. At the beginning of that same year the Little Atoms team launched a new web magazine, which would commission and publish new journalism from a wide range of exciting writers along similar themes to the content of the radio show. By the end of the year this website had become such a success that we decided to launch a print magazine.We were able to do this partly because Little Atoms has become a strong and widely respected cultural brand.  That original Little Atoms idea had now become a beautiful real world object that you can hold in your hand.

In the ten years since Little Atoms began, we have interviewed hundreds of people from astronauts to zoologists, hosted numerous live events at science and literary festivals around the country, and created our own “Alternative Magna Carta” mini festival. In 2012 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travelling fellowship, with which I drove 6000 miles across America over the course of a month, visiting NASA, Harvard Medical School and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and recording interviews with 40 scientists along the way.

Creating Little Atoms has changed my life in innumerable ways, and none of this would have happened without Resonance FM. Resonance took chance on our show ten years ago, and have never wavered in their support. In the time I have been part of Resonance I have seen the station grow from strength to strength and I remain excited and proud to be a part of the Resonance family. Little Atoms is just one member of a vibrant and eclectic line up of radio programming the likes of which cannot be heard elsewhere. And Resonance FM needs your help.

Resonance is a listener supported station, and as such holds a yearly on-air fundraising week, this year running from 13 to 21 February. There’s also a programme of live events, and an exciting online auction. There’s a dedicated fundraising website, so please do help.

Neil Denny is the Interviews Editor of Little Atoms magazine, and for over ten years the producer and presenter of the Little Atoms Radio Show and podcast, in which capacity he has interviewed hundreds of people from astronauts to zoologists, hosted numerous live events at science and literary festivals, co-created an art installation about space travel, attempted stand-up comedy, and in 2012 drove 6000 miles across America interviewing scientists as part of a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travelling fellowship.