The Manson Family was nothing more than patriarchy

Emma Cline's new book explores the infamous cult through the prism of his followers

Autocracy 2.0

Brutal dictatorships present themselves as modern and open for business. And lobbying firms from democratic western countries help create that illusion, says Mike Harris

This is not the end of secular Turkey

It's too easy to cast the post-coup crackdown as an attack on the last vestiges of secularism


Poem: Corbyn Refuses To Go

The writer Sophie Hannah has composed a poem expressing her frustration with the current state of the Labour party


Little Atoms 428 - Marcus Du Sautoy's What We Cannot Know

Neil chats to the mathematician about the limits of human knowledge


What are public inquiries for?

The UK inquiry system is valuable, but is the process too open to government interference?


We love Coca-Cola and they love death

Islamic State's absolutism has antecedents in 20th Century communism and fascism

I voted Brexit in protest

Genuinely despising the EU is difficult when you consider all the good; fearing what it could become is more reassuring


Rebuilding democracy for the 21st century

Trust in politics is at an all-time low. Here's how we change that


Who will run Britain?

The vote to leave the EU has shed light on the creaking, complicated British constitutional settlement 

On the highland trail with Trump

If you can build a golf course, you can build a country


Little Atoms 426 - Francis Spufford's Golden Hill

Neil Denny meets the author of the year's most hotly-anticipated novel


Can Britain avoid a post-Brexit brain drain?

An isolated, myopic island is not an attractive idea for thousands of young Brits used to travelling the world


How Labour can stage a coup against Jeremy Corbyn

There is hope for the party, but it must act quickly to remove its hapless leader


As an American, Brexit makes me fear for my country

Populism is unravelling Europe; don’t let it claim the United States too


Little Atoms 425 - Kate Moore's Radium Girls

The extraordinary story of working women's fight for justice in 1920s America

Homophobia and terrorism: it’s not an either/or question

Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to Islamic State because jihadism elevated his hatred to a cause


From Brexit to football, nationalism is an impulse, not an end

Patriotic feelings are neither virtuous nor dangerous unless we make them so


Little Atoms 423 - Eagles of podcasting

Live from Stoke Newington Literary Festival


Is marriage the enemy of women's creativity?

Three recent novels ask if the "pram in the hall" stifles a woman's individuality and art


How humanity postponed the next ice age

Global warming has made an astonishing change to the planet's climate cycle


Christopher Hitchens died a blaspheming infidel

Stories of deathbed conversions are as old as Christianity

Defending free speech isn't just for heroes like Roberto Saviano

It is right to laud writers who risk everything: but free expression suffers if we only support people we agree with


Hitler has become a secular stand-in for Satan

Why British politicians can't stop mentioning the war


Art activists challenge museum Botticelli sketching ban

Why has the V&A banned sketching at its big summer exhibition?

Art & Design

Technology is destroying the idea of forgiveness

Technology and data collection threaten our sense of what is human, says Peter Warren


Little Atoms 418 - Rowan Moore's Slow Burn City

The award-winning architecture writer discusses 21st century London

Art & Design

London election special #3 - housing

We talk to Ben Judah, Heather Kennedy and Martin Skinner about housing, the hottest issue in the London mayoral race

Left anti-Semitism - how did we get here?

Progressive discourse too easily lends itself to conspiracy theory


London election special #2 - Youth, diversity and equality

In our second London mayoral election special, Josh Niecho and his panel discuss the issues affecting London's young and diverse community


Little Atoms 417 - Stephen Trombley's Wise Words

The philosophy of everyday life, plus Johann Hari and the war on drugs

Little Atoms 416 - Steve Silberman and Sarah Moss

The last of our three shows for the 2016 Wellcome Book Prize


Being homesick in the modern world

What does it mean to be homesick in the modern world and does technology help or hinder us when we move to a new place? John Osborne revisits his past to find out