Little Atoms weekly roundup (the eurozone – it’s all Greek to me edition)

What’s actually happening with Greece, naming Islamic State, being raised by Jurassic World, our love hate relationship with London, seeing elves on DMT and the literary phenomenon Nell Zink.

So what should we call Islamic State?

Does David Cameron have a point about naming the monster?


The psychedelic drug that could explain our belief in life after death

Scientists have discovered DMT, the Class A hallucinogenic, naturally occurs in the body, and may contain clues about what happens when we die, and why people see fairies


Podcast: Nell Zink

Neil Denny talks to the literary phenomenon


Little Atoms Dispatch: The Greek crisis is a fight for the soul of Europe

Europe has descended into ideology and power plays. How will the people of Greece respond?


The man who stole Banksy's masterpiece

A ten-year feud involving journalists, ex-porn stars, East End hench men and the world's most famous urban artist

Art & Design
Film & Music

Are British schools being militarised?

A new film reveals that since 2011, £45 million has been spent on new programmes with “a military ethos” in schools

Film & Music

Bali's tourism Catch 22

Economic over-reliance on foreign visitors threatens the unique culture that draws so many people to Bali in the first place