Alternative media's useful idiots

From state-sponsored TV to online cranks, "alternative" news serves sinister agendas


The case for safe spaces

Far from shielding young people from offence, is the movement for safe spaces about learning to stand up for yourself?


Britain's prisons are failing us all

Carl Cattermole, author of HM Prison Service: A Survival Guide, knows the UK penal system inside out. He spoke to Ian Dunt about a regime that actively encourages drug use and destroys any chance of rehabilitation


Paris and the art of turning in on ourselves

We can't rationalise Islamic State, so instead we lash out at each other


Podcast: Max Porter

The author of the Goldsmiths Prize shortlisted Grief Is The Thing With Feathers


Little Atoms magazine Issue 1 on sale now

Little Atoms is yours to own in print for the very first time


The country where eyesight is a luxury

In Malawi, poverty and scant resources mean thousands face blindness


Jeremy Corbyn and the “slap-up lunch” meme

Propaganda for the guy you like is still propaganda


Little Atoms round up 'Did we mention our magazine?' edition

You're weekly Little Atoms round up is back, with internet freedoms, journalists versus the state, a new interview with a literary sensation, and our first ever "long read" featuring Sarah Churchwell on the Great Gatsby

Boats against the current

More than 90 years after it was published, The Great Gatsby has a more powerful grip on the imagination than ever. But what exactly is it about F Scott Fitzgerald’s American masterpiece that keeps us coming back? Sarah Churchwell spoke to Little Atoms about where the book came from and why it means so much

New Snooper's Charter will define relationship between the state and citizens for a generation

The Investigatory Powers Bill forces companies to retain the browsing history of everyone in the UK. It is a step too far


UK police are putting journalists' and sources' lives at risk

It emerged this week that police had seized a laptop from a BBC reporter investigating Islamic State fighters. Shiv Malik, who fought to protect his materials from anti-terror police in 2008, explains why this move is a threat to journalists everywhere


Free speech isn't all about you

Free expression is too important to be used as a bludgeon in the fight between libertarianism and identity politics


Ahmet Altan: 'In Turkey every writer is at risk'

Turkish writer Ahmet Altan on losing his fear of death and why the sound of his father’s typewriter made him become a journalist.


My friend Jacky Sutton feared no evil

Journalist Jacky Sutton, who has been found dead in Turkey, worked tirelessly to build independent media in Iraq and beyond


Mali's music is louder than war

New film They Will Have To Kill Us First tells the story of Malian musicians' triumph in the face of adversity

Film & Music

'Our establishment is more threatened by satire than by jihadists' says ISIS in Sylvania artist

Anonymous artist Mimsy, whose satire of western attitudes to Islamic State was shut down by police who said it was "not art", speaks out

Art & Design

A London court will decide who owns Libya’s money

Case raises question of who is legitimate post-Gaddafi government


Podcast: Timothy Snyder

The award-winning historian discussed his new work Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning