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Little Atoms weekly round up (Terry Pratchett edition)

The week on Little Atoms started with very angry Ed Sheeran fans and ended with very sad Terry Pratchett fans

Terry Pratchett: “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away”

Without doubt, the biggest thing for our readers this week was the death of authot Terry Pratchett. British Humanist Association Chief Executive Andrew Copson wrote this wonderful tribute to Pratchett's life and work

Podcast: Salena Godden and Kate Hamer

Staying with matters literary for this week's radio show, Neil Denny spoke to the brilliant poet Salena Godden and Faber debut novelist Kate Hamer

Ed Sheeran is killing music

Will Hodgkinson's views on the bland new generation of singer-songwriters stirred controversy among loyal fans of ginger troubador Sheeran

Colorado drug reform a year on

Sponsored post: In the second of a series on drug legislation reform, CISTA looks at Colorado's cannabis law


Is 'tech transfer' a danger to academic freedom?

Debate rages over whether campuses should welcome venture capital

Tim Lott and the left: a response

Have socialists gone wrong?

Bring on the gentrification

Because that pop-up cokctail bar may not be as bad as you make out

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