Jennifer Debie

Jennifer deBie was born in northeast Texas. She studied English and Spanish at Angelo State University, graduating in 2015 and crossing the pond to pursue an MA in Creative Writing at University College Cork. She has since begun a PhD at the same university, specializing in Mary Shelley and the historical context of Frankenstein. She has presented at multiple conferences across the United States and Europe, and put forth both academic and creative work in publications such as Sound Historian, Manawaker Studios’ Starward Tales Anthology, and Pact Press’ We Refugees charity anthology. Her novel, The Adventures of Dogg Girl and Sidekick, is forthcoming from Dreaming Big Publications.


Dying to Give Birth


Illustration by Laura Hines

“This awful region, which should be sacred to men of science, is open to all. Nay, the very apartment where the gravid uterus and its processes lie unveiled is a favourite lounge of the ladies, who criticise aloud all the mysteries of sex.”

Joseph Forsythe, Remarks on Antiquities