Niamh Mulvey

Niamh Mulvey is a London-based Irish writer. Her first book, a short story collection called Hearts and Bones, will be published by Picador in June 2022; her novel, The Amendments will publish in 2023. Her work has been featured in The Stinging Fly, Banshee, Southword, the Irish Times and Unherd. Image: Kate Elliott


Good for you, Cecilia


Re: Emily.

It was hard to take her seriously. It was hard to take her any other way. It was just plain hard to take her, most of the time.

Her show was going to start soon. It was going to be a big success. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and yet it felt familiar. Everyone in the family knew what to do. We were not part of the show ourselves but we had a script.