Sabrina Mahfouz

Sabrina Mahfouz s a British Egyptian playwright, poet and screenwriter. She was awarded the 2014 Fringe First Award for her play Chef and her play Clean transferred to New York in 2014. Her poetry has been performed and produced for TV, radio and film, including in the recent Railway Nation: A Journey in Verse on BBC2. Mahfouz has an essay in the award-winning The Good Immigrant and has published eight works of drama with Bloomsbury. How You Might Know Me is her debut collection of poetry with Out-Spoken Press. She lives in London.


the year of two thousand sixteen in signs


(1) There’s a sign

it says
it means

the small flame of our candle
simply melts white wax
as we walk streets
by painted temples

same as he did
when he took the child
she looking for rainbow puddles
friends to play with, no time for prayers
only just old enough to say
four years of coaxing consonants to say

I want to go home now. 

Her fractured body found car park cold
family loudly told, we will find them we will.
They don’t.