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Little Atoms round up (the set the Goddam Watchman already edition)

This week, we've been admiring the statues in Turkmenistan, finding out the best way to tackle London's anti-homeless spikes, accidentally starting Twitter rows, reminiscing about the time we went on Press TV, speaking to the guy behind online music piracy and talking to Anthony Beevor about his new book Ardennes 1944. 

This is the best way to fight back against London's anti-homeless spikes

Space, Not Spikes is reclaiming the city's doorways

Letter from Turkmenistan

Golden statues and macho stunts signal a new personality cult around dictator Berdymukhamedov. Our man in Ashgabat reports

Literary argument of the week

We accidentally started a massive row over Go Set A Watchman

The man who broke the music industry

One man and his belt buckle changed how we listen to music forever

What happened when I went on Press TV

Conspiracists, cranks and has beens are part of an attempt to forge a new reality

Podcast - Anthony Beevor: Ardennes 1944

The acclaimed historian talks to Neil Denny about his latest book Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last Gamble

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Your handy guide to News Rewired

Tim Farron tells us about his hawk

Our biting review of Go Set A Watchman

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