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Little Atoms round up (the sumer is icumen in edition)

Little Atoms is very excited about the Alternative Magna Carta festival, taking place on 13 June. We have our own strand of talks and interviews with Suzanne Moore, Ted Vallance, Naomi Alderman and David Flusfeder. The festival also features friends of Little Atoms such as Nick Cohen, Zoe Williams, Dawn Foster, Scott Wood and more. Tickets are just £5 and available here (or pay cash on the door).

In other news this week: Turkish elections, writing comedy about the Bosnian war, our podcast with Joanna Biggs and Stevan Alcock, and Milla Jovovich's yogurt.

Welcome to Turkey's Desert of the Real

The Turkish people can take a break from the unbearable kitsch of the election campaign


Interview: Jesse Armstrong

We talked to the man behing Peep Show, The Thick Of It, Four Lions and Fresh Meat about his brilliant new novel

Joanna Biggs and Stevan Alcock

This week's podcast: work and blood relatives

In the flesh: the rise of the album gig

We're more likely to watch a performance of a classic record than actually listen to one

also, this...

And finally, this...


Did we do it right?

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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