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Little Atoms top stories (and some you may have missed)

Here’s our round up of Little Atom's top stories this week

1. Anti-Semitism is in the very marrow of conspiracy theory

By Scott Wood

Scott Wood examines the Internet’s reaction to the incidents and uncovers the real driving force behind the conspiracies. 

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2. Holocaust Memorial Day: why we remember

By Padraig Reidy

A reminder as to why we mark the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp, and it’s not for our own redemption.

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3. Have the Conservatives lost faith in the City?

A barely-noticed change in how the UK government handles its money could have big repercussions for the wolves of Wall Street

4. Edward Slingerland: the power of spontaneity

Little Atoms had the privilege of speaking to Edward Slingerland, an internationally recognised expert in both early Chinese thought and the links between cognitive science and the humanities, about his new book Trying Not to Try: The Ancient Art of Effortlessness and the Surprising Power of Spontaneity

5. Why the Oscars matter

As we step into awards season, Chris Blohm breaks down what the Oscars actually mean for cinema goers and what role they play in supporting the films we love.

And some you may have missed

The best trailer for a North Korean Girl Power Romantic Comedy you’ll see today

By Caroline Christie

Comrade Kim Goes Flying has everything (except democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, food).

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How Euroscepticism went mainstream

By Cristina Marconi

As the continent reacts to Syriza's victory in Greece, does anyone have a good word left for the European Union?

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Don’t give up on climate talks just yet

By Ian Lewis

Getting international agreement on carbon emissions can feel like turning a supertanker, but it will happen

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Little Atoms’ American Road Trip in pictures

By Neil Denny 

35 evocative images from our journey across the USA

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Caroline is the section editor of Art & Design at Little Atoms. She has written for The Guardian, Vice and Dazed & Confused.

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