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Little Atoms weekly round-up (the everything but...edition)

This week we tracked down the man who’s been trolling Banksy for the past decade, moaned at glampers at Glasto, explained the peace process in Mali, chatted to some great authors and unpicked Bali’s problem with tourism. Plus, Mark Thomas asks if British education is being infiltrated by the army, and a new video from our friends at Anthony Nolan. the stem cell donation charity.

If you're in the VIP area, you're doing festivals wrong

To everyone reading this from the mobile charging tent or en route to their luxury yurt – you’re ruining it for everyone. 

The man who stole Banksy's masterpiece

A ten-year feud involving journalists, ex-porn stars, East End hench men and the world's most famous urban artist.

The future of Mali's peace process

A breakdown of the peace deal signed in Mali, the history behind it and what’s needed for it to last. 

Podcast: Emma Jane Unsworth and Alex Hourston

A very literary podcast featuring novelists Emma Jane Unsworth, Alex Hourston, and a little bit of Naomi Alderman on the work of Tim Parks.

Bali's tourism Catch 22

Economic over-reliance on foreign visitors threatens the unique culture that draws so many people to Bali in the first place. 

Are British schools being militarised?

A provocative new film from the Quakers


Promoted feature: Watch Anthony Nolan's Destination: Cure video and call on the government to take action on blood cancer

A new campaign by Anthony Nolan

On the Tumblr

The New York Times wrote the best obituary for the man who invited the pink flamingo, and there’s a video game based on “that scene” from Un Chien Andalou.

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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