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Little Atoms Weekly round-up (the May Day madness edition)


May Day 2015: the vanguard of the proletariat in pictures!

Every May Day, assorted socialists, communists and anarchists gather to celebrate the struggle on Clerkenwell Green, a two-minute walk from Little Atoms HQ.

Belfast university Charlie Hebdo conference WILL go ahead

Victory for academic freedom as cancelled symposium is reinstated

Charlie Hebdo: why is solidarity so difficult for some writers?

In their refusal to stand in solidarity with the victims of the "Assassin's Veto", writers have turned their back on a simple concept.

Why did Swiss police arrest an algorithm?

Artists !Mediengruppe Bitnik created a bot that crawled the dark net buying whatever it could find and ended up with a fake passport, knock-off trainers and ten ecstasy pills. 

What Nigeria’s peaceful transition means for Africa

The continent’s most populous country is setting an example that could see a wave of democratic peaceful elections.

Listen to our interview with the winner of the Wellcome Book Prize Marion Coutts (before the annoucement) and fellow shortlister Henry Marsh about science in litterature. 

Ten phrases that escaped from the internet

Jamie Bartlett, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, looks at how the virtual has become reality in a round-up of the top ten internet words that have infiltrated language. 

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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