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Podcast 13/12/2016

Little Atoms podcast 446: Raoul Martinez's Creating Freedom

Neil Denny sits down with the writer, artist, and award-winning filmmaker to talk about his new book

Creating Freedom is Raoul Martinez's first book. It is informed by over a decade of research and is accompanied by a documentary series of the same name. Episode One, The Lottery of Birth – produced, written and co-directed by Raoul – premiered in 2012. It was nominated for Best Documentary at London's Raindance Film Festival and went on to win the Artivist Spirit 2012 Award at Hollywood's Artivist Festival. It has been translated into several languages and the second film is currently in production. Raoul lives and works in London, where his paintings have been selected for exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss