Peter Tatchell is one of Britains foremost campaigners for sexual freedom and human rights. He was a founder member of radical gay-rights group Outrage!, whose confrontational tactics often saw Peter denounced in the press. He has been called a “Homosexual terrorist” by The Daily Mail, “Public enemy number one” by the Sunday Times, and a “Fascist” By the Daily Telegraph.

As well as campaigning for gay rights, Peter has long been involved in the wider fight for human rights, opposing capital punishment, apartheid and nuclear weapons. He has also campaigned for Aboriginal land rights in his native Australia, independence for the people's of East Timor, Palestine and West Papua, and for a Global War Against Poverty. Peter has twice attempted to place Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe under citizen's arrest on charges of torture, an act that provoked a vicious beating from Mugabe's bodyguards. For his human rights campaigning, Peter has been called “Heroic…an example to us all” by The Daily Mail, “A national hero” by the Sunday Times, and A civil rights campaigner we can all applaud” By the Daily Telegraph.