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Who you can vote for when you don’t want to vote for anyone else

Our guide to the fringest of the fringe political parties set to contest this year’s general election

The rise of smaller parties in the last few years has brought attention to the fact that when it comes to British politics there is more to choose from than the trinity of Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. A quick look through the list of registered political parties in the UK shows that there are many other parties out there trying to shake up the political system. From parties addressing national problems in weird and fantastic ways to smaller parties campaigning for local issues, here are some of the more interesting groups.

Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP)

Claiming to be all about common sense solutions, the newly formed FUKP has also shown that it is not intimidated by other parties; ‘The other parties promise a moon on a stick. We’ll do better than that: A British moon on a British stick.’ In his 13-point common sense action plan the party leader,the Pub Landlord,(aka comedian Al Murray), has pledged that "the UK will leave Europe by 2025 and the edge of the Solar System by 2050. Common sense." His key policy action for corporations and globalisation is even more interesting: "Blah blah blah blah blah paradigm blah blah blah, blah blah dialectic blah blah blah blah blah blah game-changer."

Mainstream Party

Whilst advocating for an "Immediate referendum on Britain’s relationship with the EU, with FOUR choices, ranging from further in, to further out" and a "Ten-year Breathing Space from allowing new Asylum applications", the Mainstream Party also has this to say about the perceived failings of the current Coalition government: "They're going to change the law to make a new crime of 'psychological abuse' INSIDE A MARRIAGE - between husband and wife.If a wife asks her fc husband how she looks - and he fails to answer in a complementary way 'you look beautiful darling' - this will now be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE, punishable with up to 14 years in jail. The police and the Law will be able to poke their faces inside the most personal and intimate aspects of marriages, in a way that any normal person would regard as appalling. But of course, we aren't talking about normal people - we're talking about the Coalition."

Mercian Nationalist Party

In case you’re wondering who or what ‘Mercia’ is, the official party website has Mercia down as "a part of south-central Great Britain more frequently known as the 'Midlands'. It was previously an independent state, but was conquered in the 10th century AD by Wessex, with the illegal deposition of Queen Aelfwynn. Since then it has remained in foreign hands, now being ruled from London."

While lamenting that "Mercians are not an officially recognised 'ethnic group', instead the government would have you believe we are English!", the Mercian Nationalist Party calls out to all potential comrades whether they be "from Birmingham or Lincoln, from Liverpool or Cambridge, from Nottingham or Gloucester, to rise up and overthrow the imperialistical scum from Wessex-Kent and their collaborators in Northumbria!!! May the Greater London Empire of England and all those who support it die!"

Al-Zebabist Nation of OOG

The Al-Zebabist Nation of OOOG party describes itself as "a registered political party pushing for the eradication of Broadstairs and the establishment of Thanet as a Zebabist state run by Boalia Law." Led by Prophet Zebadiah, they campaign to ban all hetero-marriage and to lower tax for bearded families (women and children can wear fake ones).


Church of the Militant Elvis

The Church of the Militant Elvis Party campaign for the overthrow of "the Corporate Capitalist State which turned Elvis, a man of immense talent, into a fat media joke". Their manifesto includes a call to legalise brothels and offer a 30 per cent discount to said brothels for "OAPs, students and former Lib Dem voters". They also advocate for sex workers to receive a state wage to be known as "Nob-Seekers Allowance".

Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them)

This party was born out of the realisation that "the human rights of men and boys in the United Kingdom have been increasingly assaulted by the state’s actions and inactions for over 30 years." Among the many recommendations outlined in their manifesto, J4MB (and the women who love them) ask that the state not encourage fatherless families by "subsidizing sperm banks for single women and lesbians."

Mebyon Kernow

Mebyon Kernow is Cornish for "Sons of Cornwall". While promising to restore faith in local government and to protect public services, this party also campaigns for devolution to Cornwall claiming that "the historic Nation of Cornwall has its own distinct identity, language and heritage [and] as one of the four nations inhabiting the British mainland, Cornwall has the same right to self-determination as England, Scotland and Wales". Mebyon Kernow currently has four elected councillors in Cornwall Council and 27 town and parish councillors.

Suffolk Together

Suffolk Together describes itself as a "local political group that wants to see more decision making and resources devolved to local communities" while maintaining that it is a "non-political party". Living by the mantra that "local government should be for local people by local people", Suffolk Together places strong emphasis on local issues and encourages action at the grassroots level.

Yorkshire First

As the party name would suggest, Yorkshire First is all about Yorkshire and its constituents. The party believes that Yorkshire should have greater powers by noting that the area has "a larger population than Scotland and an economy twice the size of Wales, but with the powers of neither".


Charlene is the commissioning editor, World for Little Atoms.

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