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As the Covod-19 lockdown begins to have an impact, many publications will see a squeeze on resources: the impact on freelance writers will be significant, both in terms of income and in decreasing profile and connectedness. Writers need to keep writing.

Little Atoms has always believed in paying people for their work: and we have always believed in commissioning pieces that may not be on the news grid, but that are linked to the genuine passions of writers and readers. 


Since 2004, the Little Atoms podcast, website and magazines have existed to showcase original thinking, unusual insights and creative flair. We have published internationally renowned writers such as Ece Temelkuran and Fergal Keane, turned the spotlight on the complicity between the Catholic Church and board games manufacturers, and focused attention on outrageous fake news and propaganda, as well as publishing some of the best literary criticism and writing out there.

In a time of crisis, we want to keep the ball rolling for the many talented writers who have written for us in the past,  as well as helping to bring on some new voices. And want to keep inquisitive and thoughtful readers well-stocked with interesting, engaging and amusing articles that go beyond the news cycle.

We have an attractive platform and an editorial team that is able to support writers: what we do not have is a lot of money.

That’s why Little Atoms is launching a GoFundMe campaign with the simple aim of creating a pool for financing the commissioning of writers. One hundred per cent of the money raised by this page will go to the commissioning of new and fresh political, cultural, scientific and historical writing from freelance writers whose careers and livelihoods have been threatened by the fallout from the Coronavirus outbreak.

We will work with organisations dedicated to diversity to ensure new and previously marginalised voices are commissioned, and we will also commission established freelancers.

A curated newsletter for supporters will highlight the best new original writing, as well as pulling in the best reading, watching and listening available online to keep us going through long days of lockdown.

We will create an alternative story of the lockdown, and aim to keep writers afloat through the crisis and beyond.

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