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Live Stream: Paths to Utopia in conversation on linguistics and anarchist utopias

How can language help us envisage an anarchist utopia?

Today at 7pm Little Atoms’ very own Neil Denny will be finding out in the first of a series of live broadcasts in partnership with This is Tomorrow and Kings College, London. You can watch a live stream of the event on this page from 19:00 BST to 20:00 BST. 

Tonight’s episode comes from the heart of Kings College as designer Namuun Zimmermann, researcher and designer with a focus on the  posthuman body Nestor Pestana and linguistics professor Dr Martin Edwardes discuss the Night School on Anarres installation at Somerset House.  Part sci-fi set, part classroom, part roundhouse theatre, the installation invites the audience to enter another world by signing up for classes to learn the local language, customs and behaviours of another planet. 

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