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The Best of April Fools'


As April Fools' Day comes to a close, we’ve picked out the best of this year's pranks and practical jokes 

Post any other good'uns you’ve found in the comments below. 

Beyonce to release a book of poems 

Bey, the Bard - what’s the difference? Penned in the Margins Director Tom Chivers announced plans to publish a book of poems by none other than Beyonce ‘the Emily Dickinson of her generation’ Carter.


A ‘leaky saywall’ might sound like something that results in a trip to the doctors and strong dose of antibiotics, but in fact it’s the’s new paywall system for comments.

Giant screwdriver in Kent

Kent online made their own creative improvements on a bolt sculpture in Ashford by revealing one local artist’s plans to add a giant screwdriver to it. Expect a flurry of angry letters to the Editor next week, calling for an overview of Arts Council funding. 

Happy hippos

The Metro went to extreme lengths by creating a website and social media presence for this little wonder - the pop-up Hippo Café, where patrons can pay £20 to play with two pigmy hippos form Switzerland. It’s a pity it was all in the name of April Fools as were looking forward to the ‘Hungry hungry Hippos eat hangry hangry hipsters’ headlines.

Vegan, nutfree, wheatfree, paleo Blackpudding

Clonakitly, the Irish purveyor of blackpudding, saw a gap in the market and came up with this simple alternative.

Couch End clock Tower

The Ham and High wins the prize for best Photoshop attempt for their story about the Clock Tower in Hornsey collapsing during high winds last night. Unfortunately the original headline read Clock Tower April Fools before they quickly changed it. 

TFL tried to make everyone stand on the left

Every Londoner’s worst nightmare came true, as one commuter pointed out this sign at Canary Wharf this morning.

Update: This one may not be real. OR IS IT?


In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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