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Little Atoms weekly round up (the white and gold edition)

There was life before the dress, and somehow, life will go on after the dress. This is what it looks like.

Italy’s other Savianos

Cristina Marconi talks to the journalists who risk their lives taking on organised crime


Why CITIZENFOUR Oscar gives Snowden the seal of approval

Mike Harris says recognition for documentary CITIZENFOUR vindicates the NSA whistleblower



Our liveblog of Channel 4's screening of CITIZENFOUR, including a Q and A with the Guardian's Ewen MacAskill


'British actors are grateful to be working'

Stephen Armstrong looks at what's behind the the latest influx of UK and Irish talent to Hollywood


How much is social science worth to the UK economy?

James Wilsdon and David Walker make the case for social science investment


The rebirth of the bookshop

Dominic Lutyens looks at how booksellers are selling space as well as words

Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art

Neil Denny speaks to Arthur I Miller


For the record, the Little Atoms office was an even White-Gold/Black-Blue split. Now let's put it behind us.

Padraig Reidy is the editor of Little Atoms. He is Director of Editorial at 89up and has written and ghostwritten for The Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Observer, The Irish Times, The Daily Telegraph, The New Statesman, The Sun, and The Irish Post.

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