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Little Atoms round up (the Jez Sir, I Can Boogie edition)

This week, we have been mostly talking about the Labour party, but we also got to meet renowned journalist, Michela Wrong, examine the thorny issue of victimhood, and watch a powerful film about the brave people who help Yazidi women escape Islamic State

The dangerous allure of victim politics

Jamie Bartlett says we shouldn't fetishise suffering

This is either the beginning of Labour or its end

Mike Harris on why the Labour party is changed utterly

'Escape From ISIS' shows the full horror of the group's abuse of women

Litte Atoms joined Next Gen to host a documentary sceening and Q&A

Podcast: Michela Wrong

The acclaimed correspondent talks to Neil Denny about her first novel, Borderlines


(and the slightly less important stuff)

This 80s sitcom is a terrifying premonition of Britain under Jeremy Corbyn

The definitive list of songs you can sing the words “Jeremy Corbyn” to

Forward for socialism, brothers and sisters!

In the particle of me that cares for this, I betrayed those little atoms with a kiss

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